What we're about.

We are a pop-up project in Sydney, aiming to provide a safe space for LGBTQI people of all ages to practice yoga by-donation.

Are these classes for me?

These classes are open to Queer, Trans*, and Intersex people of all body configurations (and friends!). Folks from all spectrums and walks of life are encouraged to attend. Our aim is to make yoga accessible to anyone who has ever had the desire to practice yoga but hasn’t yet found a welcoming place to start, as well as yogis who want to practice in a room filled with like-minded people.

We want to make this class available to everyone. If you have any questions, comments or concerns, please do not hesitate to ask us.

What to expect:

Classes are ALL-AGES and BY DONATION. No booking necessary, simply turn up 10 minutes before class begins to get signed in.

The classes are taught by a rotation of teachers from various schools of yoga, all of whom are part of LGBTQI community. Most classes will include asana (postures), pranayama (breathing exercises), meditation, relaxation and discussion.

While we will have some yoga mats available, they are limited, so if you have your own (as well as another props), please bring them along. Please wear comfortable clothing (non-restrictive if possible) and bring something warm to cover yourself with for relaxation and meditation. We will practice bare-footed.

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Our Next Classes

Upcoming Dates:

Pop in & say hello at our next by-donation yoga class.

WED 16 NOVEMBER @ 6.15-7.30PM

Teacher: No Class
Price: By Donation
Location: Twenty10 1/45 Chippen St, Chippendale, Sydney

WED 23 NOVEMBER @ 6.15-7.30PM

Teacher: No Class
Price: By Donation
Location: Twenty10 1/45 Chippen St, Chippendale, Sydney

WED 30 NOVEMBER @ 6.15-7.30PM

Teacher: No Class
Price: By Donation
Location: Twenty10 1/45 Chippen St, Chippendale, Sydney


Noriyuki Miyama

Jivamukti Yoga

Originally born in Tokyo, Nori has lived in Sydney since 2006. He is a certified 300 hour Jivamukti Yoga teacher, having completed his training in New York with Jivamukti Yoga founders Sharon Gannon & David Life and inspirational senior teacher Rima Rani Rabbath. Nori enjoys the beautiful and sometimes challenging journey of yoga to discover one’s true Self and cultivate compassion & kindness toward others. Nori's classes maintain the authentic Jivamukti tradition and pass on the linage and inspiration of his own teachers to his students. His classes combine vinyasa sequences with breathing to encourage participants to be fully present, as well as inspiring music and spiritual insights. This approach enables students to explore their inner self and awaken their true potential. Nori considers it a great honour to serve and assist students on their path to find out who they truly are and unfold their unlimited possibilities through yoga.

Daisy Little

Vinyasa Yoga

Daisy completed her 200 hour teacher training at InYoga. She teaches Vinaysa classes, an approach to yoga that involves transitioning gracefully from one pose to the next, synchronising breath and movement into a seamless flow. She is passionate about yoga as a physical practice that transforms your body and mind and its potential to restore balance in our busy lives and minds.

Nat Batger

Hatha-Vinyasa Yoga

Nat is a 200 hour certified hatha yoga teacher with as strong belief that yoga should be accessible for everybody, and every body! She teaches basic hatha-vinyasa classes with a focus on connection, to both the individual self and all other living beings, yoga philosophy. Nat creates an uplifting, supportive environment for all to explore the profound power of yoga, accompanied by a kick-ass(ana) soundtrack.

Maria Chan

Hatha Yoga

I had the privilege of completing my 200 hour Hatha yoga teacher training in India at Rishikesh Yog Peeth. There, I leant that yoga is not about striving for picture perfect poses or living up to an ideal self. It is the fearless expression of the self just as we are. Yoga is synonymous with the joy, freedom, confidence and relaxed state we are capable of when we listen to ourselves. By bringing compassion to our body and mind, we begin to celebrate our essence - on and off the mat. Self-compassion forms the basis of my class as we gently ground ourselves in our body and our breath to let go of expectations, pressure and the need to be anyone else.

Gavin Walburgh

Vinyasa Yoga

I first found yoga at Newtown Gym back in 2001/2 and my first experience of shavasana really made me feel like I had come home to my body. I have always found the need to be in my body and over the last 13years of practice I have come to understand the value of listening to the wisdom of my body, my breath and mind. I completed my RYT200hrs with Trinity Yoga in Vinyasa Flow in 2010 and aim to guide a class the allows people to explore yoga patiently, persistently and playfully. I love mixing yoga with free movement that encourages self expression, along with a great playlist, come expecting the unexpected.

Hildy Fine

Hatha Yoga - Dr. Bali Method

Self love, healing and managing depression. These are the inspirations at the core of my yoga practise, and I would love to share them with you in an all inclusive, safe environment. People of all abilities and ages are welcome to connect with the bodies’ natural relaxation response through breath and posture, which is deeply cleansing, nourishing and ultimately energising.

Sas Stephenson

Jivamukti Yoga

Sas is a recent Jivamukti yoga school graduate, ready to express the lineage of her teachers, Sharon Gannon and David Life (founders of the Jivamukti Method). Sas’ classes are joyous and fun, inspired by the parallels of scientific evidence and yogic philosophy. Sas believes we are walking, talking ecosystems. Through her classes she explores the interconnectedness of life from the micro scale up to the macro. Expect challenging sequences, hands on assists, possible partner work and use of various props, all to the soundtrack of uplifting nada (divine music).

Ari Henry

Hatha Vinyasa Yoga

Ari Henry discovered that yoga can help queer, trans*, intersex, and gender non-conforming people feel more at home in their bodies in a world that often tells us our bodies are the enemy. He completed a 200-hour yoga teacher training certificate at Sukha Mukha Yoga in Bronte & teaches hatha-inspired basic vinyasa flow classes. Ari is co-creator with Sandy King of Queer & Trans* Yoga Sydney.

Sandy King

Jivamukti Yoga

Sandy is an 800+hr Advanced Certified Jivamukti Yoga Teacher & co-founder, along with Ari Henry, of Queer & Trans* Yoga Sydney. Her classes are artistic, lively & uplifting. In true Jivamukti fashion, a typical class with Sandy will be equally physically challenging & intellectually stimulating; with a strong focus on music, devotion, inclusiveness & activism. All teachings are derived from ancient yogic sources & made accessible to the modern-day yogi through playful exploration, insight, humour & spontaneity.

Have a question for us? Ask away!

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Got a question? Ask away!

Pop-up classes in the Inner West of Sydney

Is this your first time?

Here’s everything you need to know to get started:

What to wear:

We encourage you to wear loose-fitting, comfortable clothing and bring something warm to cover yourself with for relaxation and meditation. If you bind, pack, tuck, or wear forms, we encourage you to do so in a way that allows you to breathe and to move as unrestrictedly as possible; or discuss options with us.

This is a non-judgemental space where you are welcome exactly as you are.

What to bring:

All you’ll need to bring is yourself, a water bottle (though we encourage you not to drink during the class), a towel & a mat (if you have one).
Yoga will be by donation, so if you have any spare change to bring along, go for it.

We will have a limited number of mats available for students on the day. Bringing your own mat will make sure nobody misses out!

Health and safety:

If you have any recent surgeries or injuries, we encourage you to let us know before class begins. This will ensure we can help you modify your practice to accomodate for resticted movement & prevent any further injuries.

If you’d rather notify us by email – or have a question for us – feel free to contact us at least 24hrs before class using the form at the bottom of the page.